duet:BREAKOUT is an upgrade for Apogee's portable interface, "The Duet". Providing durability with professional quality, the duet:BREAKOUT box replaces the breakout cable that Apogee provides, thus transforming the duet into the road-worthy interface it was meant to be. Whether you are trying to avoid a "rats-nest of cableage", demand a greater distance between your duet and its I/O, require different connectors other than the supplied break out cable, or you are simply tired of replacing your breakout cable because it just cant stand your abuse. Whatever your reason, we are sure you're going to "BREAKOUT".

Each BREAKOUT is handmade and assembled ensuring a hassle-free product. We are so confident in our work that we provide a lifetime guarantee. If anything should happen to your BREAKOUT just send it back and if we can't fix it we will replace it.

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